Saturday, January 30, 2016

Photos of beautiful festive amaryllis a traditional ceremony in Fars province

The beautiful fields of daffodils around Shiraz (kazeron) in the presence of young girls wearing colorful costumes will be held locally.

Friday, January 29, 2016

House, half of which is on the border of the Netherlands and the other half in Belgium

House, half of which is on the border of the Netherlands and the other half in Belgium

Interesting pictures of the Volkswagen factory in 1951

Volkswagen, the German carmaker, which is the main brand of the Volkswagen group.

Photo interesting 20 years ago Bahram Radan

Photo interesting 20 years ago Bahram Radan

Iranian actors with their wives

Hamid Goudarzi with Mandana - Shila khodadad with doctor Sarkarat

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Which countries have the best night clubs + Photo

10. Republic of Ireland

Ireland’s nightlife is world-renowned. From cosy country pubs to lively city nightclubs and cafes, there is something for everyone here. The pub is still the centre of the Irish nightlife and is a great place for talking, meeting people, catching up on some local gossip, eating, drinking and generally having a good time.Traditional pubs are still the most common type in the country with the basic pleasures of good beer, good conversation and few frills. Local musicians often play at such places so if that’s what you’re after it’s usually worth asking round.

9. Serbia – Belgrade

Belgrade’s nightlife is extensive and extremely happening. It has grown extensively in the recent years and now many Europeans travel to the city exclusively to party. There are countless nightclubs, bars, and cafes that stay lively into the wee hours of the night, casinos, cabaret shows, and the most popular are clubs on river barges.

8. Sweden – Stockholm

Nightlife in Stockholm is quite good, with lots of really beautiful people.If you come on a stag night do not even think about going to the trendy spots. Bouncers in Stockholm are extremely picky. If you are in a large group of men without looking very trendy you will not get in unless you have beautiful girls in your company. If you want to get into the trendy places come really early before 22.00 then you have a better chance.

7. Italy – Rome

Rome’s nightlife starts late. It is not unusual for locals to meet up for dinner around 9. 30 or even 10. After a big dinner, a long discussion will start ( for what it’ll seem like an eternity) about where to head to for the night. So be patient. You are going to need it in Rome, You’ll need it to decide where to go, where to park your car, what to order or to find that speci

6. England – London

London’s vibrant club scene puts the city on the map as the capital of cool. Superclubs like Ministry of Sound, Fabric and Heaven are among the biggest and best known places to party. For those who prefer a more intimate experience the DJ bars are where it’s at. With our club listings you can find out what’s on in London, the best places to go, and where to hang out if you want to party from dusk till dawn.

5. Germany – Berlin

In Berlin you probably find the most exciting nightlife of the world. The best areas for nightlife are still Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg. Friedrichshain isn’t bad either. All of these districts are in the eastern part of the city. There you find countless small and hip nightclubs, many of them aren’t easy to find as a non-local though.

4. France – Paris

In Paris there are many clubs with all kinds of music and for all kinds of people. Most of them though do have very strict dress codes and are quite particular about their customers’ look.Lots of trendy bars in Paris become clubs after the dark. The most famous ones are located in the Champs-Elysées area: the Six-Seven (former Bash), the VIP room (located in the basement of Planète Hollywood), the Baron, the Latina café. These celebrities meeting-points usually don’t have admission fees and are for people in their thirties or more.

3. Netherlands – Amsterdam

After the quiet early evening hours, Amsterdam’s streets and squares get again very busy at night. At the back of the Dam square, the whole area of town called Red Light District is always invaded by large groups of tourists walking in the streets and looking at the windows with the girls. Nearby small restaurants and cafes are full of people.

2. Greece – Athens

Athens has a variety of famous clubs, most of them are located at the beach coast and they are open during the summer Big clubs for thousands of clubbers, the ones’ in the centre are just small club-bar type places. In Athens, you can enjoy all kinds of music; last years, house, r&b and dancing is in fashion and most of the international dj’s visit the city clubs. During the summer, most of clubs of the centre are transferred to bigger clubs on the beach coast. The well know Athenian Riviera – here are some of their links.

1. Spain – Madrid

Madrid’s nightlife never stops. From Monday to Sunday, you can go out until the early hours of the morning and end up eating churros with chocolate for breakfast in any café, along with taxi drivers starting their shift. You’ll have no trouble finding just the right spot to fit your mood among the myriad bars, big nightclubs, and small pubs that have earned their place on the scene. Here’s our selection of the best clubs in Madrid so you can head out and not worry about a thing except having a good time, whatever your taste in music and ambience.

Photos suddenly "Ali" 16-year-old son of a rich businessman Tehran

Photos suddenly "Ali" 16-year-old son of a rich businessman Tehran

Monday, January 25, 2016

Hollywood's most intriguing artists blue eyes

It seems that everywhere we look, there is Emma Stone. And we are totally okay with that! The 27-year-old actress made headlines in Easy A, Birdman, and The Secret Life of Bees, just to name a few. She really shows no sign of stopping. This talented woman is not even going to let some relationship rumors get her down. She’s strong and mighty and a redhead and blue-eyed and that is so perfect! The media is saying that she and Ryan Gosling so want to be something but so can’t on account of Gosling’s commitment to Eva Mendes.


Frozen waterfall "MEYGON" in Fasham, north of Tehran

Frozen waterfall "MEYGON" in Fasham, north of Tehran

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Photo A. celebrity and her second husband

Photo A. celebrity and her second husband

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Amber Heard, beautiful stars in Hollywood with her fiancé, "Johnny Depp" Famous actor

News and photos of celebrities :: Amber Heard, beautiful Hollywood star with her fiance, "Johnny Depp" Famous actor, Saturday night at the Palm Springs Film Festival in California